A industrialização do Parto

Para responder as perguntas do seguidor Otávio Ferrari: ” Otávio : Para um leigo, o texto é de fácil assimilação e convincente. Fica a indagação, porque a sabedoria holandesa não se irradiou pelo mundo??Parabéns pelo trabalho iniciado e augúrios de feliz caminhada pela frente. Mayra: Boa Pergunta! Por que será? O que você responderia? Otávio: […]

Dutch Midwifery System: Vanguard or Vestige?Sistema Obstétrico Holandês: vanguarda ou vestígio?

Beatrijs Smulder said “When I completed my training, Professor Kloosterman, who spoke at my graduation ceremony, said that it was “5 minutes to midnight” for midwifery in Holland and that it could go either way: following the international community by medicalising birth with total birth hospitalisation, or by choosing to keep the Dutch midwifery system, […]

The Basis of the Dutch Midwifery SystemA Base do Sistema Obstétrico Holandês

How did Dutch obstetrical system preserverd home births and midwifery profession when most of the countries went to the other direction? Most of countries midwives ended up to be doctors assistant. Some of these countries midwives reorganized midwifery profession and it came back strong. Netherlands benefited from the early arrival of municipally sponsored education and […]

Netherlands – part 2Holanda – parte 2

“Dutch midwifery care is unique in the world. Our country has a totally different culture and system that allows Dutch midwives to work as they do and this is not because our midwives or obstetricians are very different from elsewhere but because our approach enables women to get the best of both worlds. The system […]

[:en]Netherlands – Part 1[:pt]Holanda – parte 1 [:]

[:en]Ahh … Netherlands! Bicycles, canals, boats, tulips, windmills … and for us that are envolved with birth is the home birth land! We were in Holland a few days enjoying this beautiful city and met with midwives and beautiful families! Netherlands is located in the North Sea between Germany and Belgium. The population is almost […]

Video about EnglandVídeo sobre a Inglaterra

This video aims to show a bit of London. Passing by the sights, protests and a message of the great characters of birth in England. [tubepress video=’31Xrw15aIoc’ theme=’youtube’ descriptionLimit=’0′] Este vídeo tem como objetivo mostrar um pouco de Londres. Passando pelos pontos turísticos, protestos e uma mensagem dos grandes personagens do parto na Inglaterra. [tubepress […]


We left England and went to Sweden, which was not in our original plans, but we changed the script and went there, following the flow. Sweden has one of the best rates of maternal and infant mortality in the world. It was also my birthday and we decided to celebrate with our great friends André […]

A Midwife PrayerOração de Parteira

It’s time to heal birth So that every baby is born with love and joy So that every mother finds her woman power Trough this challenging yet so magical journey It’s time to wake up to the mystery of this ancient rite of passage To honor the divinity in woman’s bodies That has known how […]