Cangurus, beach, sun, surf! We are now in Australia. Sunrise in Cronulla ( we were waking up before sun at the first few days) Opera House Let me tell you a little of Australian history. The name Australia is derived from the Latin australis, meaning “southern” (1). In the island of Tasmania, and in Australia, […]

Spiritual Midwifery

The teaching of the International College of Spiritual Midwifery is centred on returning women to the sovereignty of their own bodies, and the inherent power within. As women, we are part of a continuum, our ancestors live within us, just as we will live within our descendants. Our mothers arrived from our grandmother’s womb carrying […]

Birth in Germany

The birth model in Germany surprised us! We visited some hospitals, Geburtshaus (birth Center). I also went with the midwife (Hebamme) Birke Heinrich to prenatal and post partum visits and participated in a mothers postpartum group, which is also given by the midwife. We interviewd Birke that works at Geburtshaus Mariemplatz em Liepzig and also […]


We left Aachen and went to Colon in the morning. We stayed with Jana Schwabe, who is also a young midwife, and works at a hospital in the city. We had breakfest and talked about… guess? One chance … yes, Birth! Interestingly, when I say that I am a midwife in Brazil all midwives look […]

Aachen, Germany

From Holland we went back to Germany since the first time we came here did not get to know more deeply about the birth model. ?We got a train from Amsterdam to Aachen, a town on the border with Belgium. It is a university town with many research institutes. We stayed a few days at […]