Contrasts – Episode IV of the Series Birth Around the World

Next Sunday we will travel to the the extremes of the world and find out some more about the CONTRAST during child labor. On one hand we have countries with high technology and infrastructure and on the other hand we encounter with lack basic resources. U.S., Vietnam, Germany to Nepal we will see cultural diversity and public policies that lead us down to this different paths.
Birth the World!! Sunday, May 26 at 11:30pm on GNT


“Diversity serves as a means by which we can learn and evolve” Birth Around the World

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If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch the previous episodes, we have available online a piece of each one of the episodes! Hope you like it!!!

Birth Around The World – Episode III – Revolution

Revolution, our third episode will be on tv next sunday, May 19 11:30pm (brazilian time) at GNT. We have special interviews with the doctor and researcher Michel Odent, Ina May, Janet Balaskasand and Robin Lim! Passing by Indonesia, United States, England and New Zealand we’ll visit places that are living a revolution. Let’s see inspiring realities and who is behind them.


“The importance of the revolution is to expand the opportunities available to women of how she wants to give birth to her baby” Birth Around the World

You can watch online in the link
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Menstrual Cycles and the Seasons

When I was in Austrália I met a wonderful wise woman Jane Hardwicke Collings. She is a midwife and an expert on women mysteries.


I really identified myself with her vision about menstrual cicles and want to share with you some of her words.

The best way to connect to the earth is pay attention to the menstrual cicle, because it happens regularly and can teach us so much!


The menstrual cycle replicates the earth going through the seasons. The first week of the cycle is like the end of winter and beggining of spring. The second week is late spring to Summer peack on the ovulation (Summer solstice). The third week is late Summer early autumn. The fourth week is late autumn and early winter.

The second half of the cycle, from ovulation to bleeding is like autumn and winter. And the energy of autumn and winter, it is to let go everything. The fruits and leaves falls from the tree, it is time of harvest decay and death. That’s what is going on in the womb, the ovule is released of the ovary, if it’s not fecundated it decay and die and the bleeding happen as if it was the leaves falling.


Our culture is not alined with this wisdom, and these last weeks of the cycle are label as disease, called premenstrual syndrome. Everything that is not working in a women’s life shows up at this period of the cycle so she can let it go with the blood and start refreshed on week one and week two … and then let it go again.
Being able to understand this cycle that we play out every month and it is playing out with the moon every 28 days… is so liberating! Birth, growth, harvest, decay , death, rebirth… over and over! Just diferent speeds for diferent things in life.


Soon I will write more about Women Mysteries!