Contrasts – Episode IV of the Series Birth Around the World

Next Sunday we will travel to the the extremes of the world and find out some more about the CONTRAST during child labor. On one hand we have countries with high technology and infrastructure and on the other hand we encounter with lack basic resources. U.S., Vietnam, Germany to Nepal we will see cultural diversity and public policies that lead us down to this different paths.
Birth the World!! Sunday, May 26 at 11:30pm on GNT


“Diversity serves as a means by which we can learn and evolve” Birth Around the World

You can watch online in the link
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If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch the previous episodes, we have available online a piece of each one of the episodes! Hope you like it!!!

Birth Around The World – Episode III – Revolution

Revolution, our third episode will be on tv next sunday, May 19 11:30pm (brazilian time) at GNT. We have special interviews with the doctor and researcher Michel Odent, Ina May, Janet Balaskasand and Robin Lim! Passing by Indonesia, United States, England and New Zealand we’ll visit places that are living a revolution. Let’s see inspiring realities and who is behind them.


“The importance of the revolution is to expand the opportunities available to women of how she wants to give birth to her baby” Birth Around the World

You can watch online in the link
You have to presss the full screen mode.

Sacred Birth

Birth, is the expression of the miracle of life. A sacred moment, the baby’s transition to the world! And this moment should not be treated differently. Should be respected and revered.

Gratidão após o nascimento!
(Being grateful just after birth. Picture from Renata Burigo)

To serve, helping babies to come into the world made me feel this need to be connected during birth, being at the present moment. I feel as if I am in other frequency, as if I am in labor with the woman. This way I know I can really help and understand her and her baby, hold her hand, hug, breathe, make sounds with her, feel what she and baby are needing, if they are needing. They often need time alone, connecting with each other and with the baby’s father, the family is borning too!

One of the things that helps me is to pray, to thank our great Universal Mother, connect with the powerful feminine energy, being calm, with the adrenaline levels very low. This way I can help and not interfere mother and baby through this crucial moment of their lives.


Talking with other birth atenders, I found that many of them also feel this need to be connected, some of them sing, some pray, some sing mantras, play instruments, knitting. Each one finds a way to be calm and to best keep the adrenaline levels low.

Talking to mothers (and her companions) who had a baby naturally in good environment, I learned that many of them had the most profound and spiritual experience of their lives during the birth of their babies.

Nasicmento de Calliandra
(Lorena, Galego e Calliandra. Picture from Marcos Leite)

I share with you a prayer that I love for the Universal Mother and that really helps me to be calm and connected with the Feminine Energy.
The Universal Mother is also the inspiration of Birth Around the World Logo, that shows The Universal Mother / Mother Earth gestating the New Humanity.

birth around the world Logo


We praise You
O Universal Mother.
Full of Grace are you.
Unity is within You.
Sacred Feminine Energy,
You are gestating the New Humanity.
O Supreme Universal Mother,
intercede for us,
beings of the surface of the Earth,
that we may become consecrated
as worthy children of God
in faith, in light,
in peace, in protection,
in healing, in unity,
in love, in forgiveness,
in reconciliation, in charity,
in humility, in transmutation,
and in kinship,
and at the moment of our complete
and final surrender
to the Creator Father.

A Midwife Prayer

It’s time to heal birth
So that every baby is born with love and joy
So that every mother finds her woman power
Trough this challenging yet so magical journey

It’s time to wake up to the mystery of this ancient rite of passage
To honor the divinity in woman’s bodies
That has known how to birth babies for millions of years
So simple yet so miraculous

It’s time to stop the war and take the trauma out of birth
To look deeply into our hearts and see what causes our fear
Fear of death, fear of life, so much fear seeping from our pores
Suffocating woman in labor and distressing babies

It’s time to welcome each baby with heart and hands
Wide open to achieve this precious gift
Of innocence, of trust, of love
What an extraordinary privilege to be a midwife.

1991 Active Birth Centre

A prayer gave from Lolo, a beautiful midwife from Iceland.
Thank you Lolo!