Home Birth MarchMarcha do Parto em Casa

First published at Gisele’s Blog, written by Mayra Calvette June was historic for the Humanization of Childbirth in Brazil. One of the most popular TV program from Brazil, Fantástico, had a report about home birth on the 10th June. It showed a beautiful home birth video, with a midwife, two doulas and a neonatologist accompaniment. […]

A Partnership Model of CareUm modelo de Parceria

When I read about New Zealand model of care, I thought that more women would choose for homebirth. Personally this is the best option. But actually this is not seen as the best option for most women and families, as homebirth is only 6% in NZ even being avaliable for all women for free! So […]

The tipping point and the Midwifery Renaissance in New ZealandO ponto da virada e o Renascimento da Parteria na Nova Zelândia

I had the opportunity to visit the New Zealand College of Midwives, where I did an interview with Karen Gilliland (Chief Executive Officer of the NZ College of Midwives) and Norma Campbell (Midwifery Advisor) from the NZ College of midwives. We asked what was the tipping point that allowed the change from the westernised model […]

Adventures around New ZealandAventuras pela Nova Zelândia

I’ll talk about some of our adventures, places and wonderful people we’ve met along the way around this amazing country! In the next article I will write about the inspiring Birth Model of Care here sharing about some places I visited – birth centers, primary care hospitals, terciary hospitals, midwives groups – and great interviews […]