Spiritual Midwifery

The teaching of the International College of Spiritual Midwifery is centred on returning women to the sovereignty of their own bodies, and the inherent power within.

As women, we are part of a continuum, our ancestors live within us, just as we will live within our descendants. Our mothers arrived from our grandmother’s womb carrying the ovum that would become us.

As a woman’s life traverses its many directions and turning points, including sexuality, ovulation, menstruation, conception, pregnancy, birth, lactation, motherhood, menopause and grandmotherhood, pathways are created to allow for awareness, growth and transformation.

Spiritual Midwifery reclaims a woman’s power in her own process. It allows women the chance to remember how to listen to their bodies and trust in their ability to respond to this new intelligence. In this, a deep inner knowing pervades and strength is brought to all undertakings.

The more a woman is able to be herself as a woman, the more she is able to be with other women as they travel the rich and sometimes challenging landscape of womanhood. The Original meaning of mid-wife comes from the anglo saxon “med-wyf” meaning wise woman or witch.

When women live their lives in this way balance can be present on the Earth. This way of living gives men a point of reference with the feminine that invokes and insists on their highest potential also being realised.

Children who are born of and cared for by such women and men grow strong in their own sense of responsibility. It is in this that we create the future we wish for our children and the generations to come.

Vision of the International College of Spiritual Midwifery: http://www.womenofspirit.asn.au/

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